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Skating Programs

Elite Power Skating

A unique brand of skating that challenges players to test their comfort zones and reach new levels.
-Stride Technique
-Advanced Edges
-Speed and Agility
-Skating with/without puck

Elite Strength Program

Learn how to translate your off ice program to on ice success. Lifting weights isnt about how well you can go up and down but how it can translate to on ice performance.
-Strength joints, ligaments and muscles
-Improved stability on skates
-Increased power (stride, shot, pass)
-Improve the 3 systems
(Mental, Upper, Lower body)

Player Advisor

Andrew will be working with his external contacts to connect with GM’s, Scouts and Coaches at the Junior level. This will give teams a better idea of your son’s;
-Commitment to the game
(video resume on/off ice training)
-Character and personality
-School achievements
-Hockey goals
(Pro, NCAA, CIS, OHL, Junior)

Coach Andrew

Andrew Whalen

Andrew Whalen is the founder of Whalen Hockey Training, The goal and idea behind creating this company was to pass on knowledge to youth hockey players and parents so they can succeed to their highest level possible. 

Andrew has a unique philosophy when it comes to creating hockey players. He believes in creating well round 200' hockey players that can score, shoot, skate and defend. 

Andrew has grown up playing in the SCTA, GTHL, Jr B, Jr C, Sweden Division 1 and 2. He brings over 15 years of playing experience and connections to this program. 

Andrew has been coaching for 6 years while Whalen Hockey Training is going into its 3rd year of operations. He has worked with Jr teams such as Halton Ravens Jr A, Nittorps J20 and Surahammer J20 eite. Throughout the years Andrew has worked with minor hockey clubs such as Milton, Stoney Creek, Burlington, Mississauga and many more.

A Development Coordinator Burlington Eagles 2017/2018 

Shooting and Edge Work

Private Training 1 vs 1

Want to get the most out of your training? Develop a plan with Coach Andrew that will take you down the path that will best suit your playing style. 

Private sessions can run 30 minutes or 1 hour

30 min - $60.00
1 hour - $100.00

3 hours - $300.00

5 hours -$450.00

Semi Private Training 2-3 vs 1

Similar to private training you can get a whole lot more bang for your buck but for a little less in cost and now you have some friendly competition. Coach Andrew will still help each individual to develop in the best way suited for each of the players.

30 min - (2 v 1) $80.00 (3 v 1) $100.00
1 hour - (2 v 1) $120.00 (3 v 1) $140.00

3 hours - (2 v 1) $360.00 (3 v 1) $420.00

5 hours - (2 v 1) $550.00 (3 v 1) $650.00

Small Group or Team Sessions (up to 6 v 1)

Gather your friends, teammate or coaches and bring them to work in small groups to help develop chemistry, skills and the love of the game. Whether you've gathered a small group of friends or its your team Coach Andrew can set up a development system that can help you work on your child's or team's weaknesses.

Have a goalie? Bring him on out we love moving targets!

1 hour - $160.00

3 hours - $480.00

5 hours - $750.00



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